When 2 billion people lack essential vitamins and minerals, both the individuals and the world as a whole suffer the consequences of that hidden hunger. A world in which a whole third of the population struggles to be healthy and productive misses out on the fruits of that unrealized potential. Hidden hunger amplifies the material and psychological burden on individuals and societies for generations to come.

At HarvestPlus, we believe that hidden hunger should not be inevitable for the people most at risk. We break down silos between agriculture and nutrition to develop creative solutions to hidden hunger. Our food-based approach targets some of the most vulnerable populations around the world.

Our vision is a world free of hidden hunger. We believe that hidden hunger can be solved by actively adding micronutrients to the diets of those who are deficient. With our partners, we develop new, more nutritious varieties of staple food crops that provide higher amounts of vitamin A, iron, or zinc—the three micronutrients identified by the World Health Organization as most lacking in diets globally.

We use a process called biofortification, which adopts conventional breeding to improve crops. Our innovative approach complements other nutrition interventions, and is evidence-based, cost-effective, and sustainable.


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It is our mission to develop and scale up the delivery of biofortified nutritious crops around the world, so that every child, woman, and man who needs them can have access. We also strive to provide global leadership on biofortification evidence and technology.

Our goal is to reach 15 million farming households—100 million people— with biofortified nutritious foods by 2020. By strengthening our partnerships and delivery efforts, we are confident that we can reach 1 billion people with biofortified foods by 2030.

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