RFP for Development of a Website for Association Nationale des IMF des d’Haiti (ANIMH)

Association Nationale of Haiti's microfinance institutions (ANIMH) is the representative entity of the non-cooperative microfinance in Haiti. Established in November 2002, ANIMH is a nine-member association based in Port-au-Prince. One of its main objectives is to promote all studies, research and statistics with a view to disseminating information on the situation, trends, needs and efforts of the microfinance sector. ANIMH’s principal mission is to contribute to the development of the microfinance sector in Haiti. 

To be effective, communication within the network must be both internal and external. If the internal communication is the capacity for the actors to communicate with each other to organize the work, to maintain a friendly atmosphere for the collective work in order to reach conclusive results. The external communication is on the other hand the one which develops between the actors of the network with strategic allies, including government actors, technical and financial partners, service providers, etc. Thus, communication is essential to convince the members regarding the goal and the objectives of the association. 

It is very important to create the conditions for regular communication if we want it to be a tool for development. If by principle, external communication aims to reach as many targets as necessary, today, it has no limits thanks to the performance of technological equipment and the internet connection, therefore, ANIMH has decided, with the support of USAID through the Finance Inclusive project to integrate this new tool of development by launching this Request for Proposals (RFP) for the development of a web site for ANIMH. 

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February 2nd, 2018

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Approximately 2 months


Below is the response provided to a question asked by one of the potential bidders

Question: We would like to clarify the duration of the project. On page 11 of the document received (attached to this email) the level of effort required is twenty (20) days. While on page 13, the table shows that the duration of the project is (nine) 9 weeks.

Response: The level of effort required is twenty (20) days which can be extended over a period of 9 weeks. For example, the consultant can work for 4 days during the first week, 3 days during the second, 3 days during the third week etc.