Mini training on " Conflict Management in the Workplace - How to effectively resolve conflict at work "

Through its “Forward” initiative, USAID wants to use local stakeholder capacity building as an essential tool to achieve more effective and sustainable development results. Being one of the first of this type of projects, Konbit will establish a “capacity building platform” to coordinate local capacity development service provision, create a network of development innovations, and manage the monitoring, evaluation and learning activities. Konbit’s objective is to increase the number of local development partners who influence and achieve significant sustainable development results in Haiti, are accountable to their constituents and are able to compete for and manage resources. 

Konbit is managed by Papyrus S.A. and its local partner Ayiti Nexus. The project is supported by two international partners: Steve Kroll and Associates and Tetra Tech, and will work with partnering service providers to:  

- Build the competencies of local capacity development service providers and develop the competencies of institutions;
- Mobilize networking events to foster collaboration and sharing of good practices, innovations and industry standards in the capacity development and technical sectors.
- Measure the project’s progress and results, use its monitoring and evaluation process and results to create learning opportunities for program participants, and use its interactive platform to share lessons learned.
- Provide grants to support the capacity building of local partner beneficiary organizations and pilot innovation projects developed within the framework of the Development Innovation Network.

As part of its capacity building activities, the Konbit project works with local organizations from different sectors. As part of its programming, the Konbit project organizes quarterly roundtables with partner organizations called USAID awardees. During these roundtables, Konbit offers different type of learning opportunities to the participants.   Konbit wishes to recruit a contractor to conduct a mini training session on " Conflict Management in the Workplace - How to effectively resolve conflict at work”.  Conflict is a normal part of human communication. Often, conflicts are seen as negative, but it is only the case if the conflict is not handled appropriately. This can have a devastating impact on staff morale and productivity, as well as customer-relations. However, when conflict is managed well, it can lead to increased creativity and enthusiasm amongst workers.  
The objectives of the training are the following: 

  • Define different types of conflict and the role that confrontation has in managing conflict in the workplace.
  • Identify preferred style/s in influencing others, avoiding contentious issues and managing conflict.
  • Demonstrate and practice skills in resolving conflict and confrontation
  • Develop a plan to apply and enhance communication skills in the workplace to address existing conflicts

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February 26th, 2018

How to Apply

About This Funding Opportunity

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Point of Contact Email:
Eligibility Type: 
Duration of Award: 
24 hours

Eligibility Details

Participant profile 
This mini training provides conflict resolution techniques to equip participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to effectively manage and turn around potentially negative performance situations in the workplace, in a clear, assertive and constructive manner. It targets people who work in an environment where they regularly interact with other colleagues or customers. 

Timing and Level of Effort 
The duration of the contract shall not exceed 1 days or 24 hours. The mini training will last a maximum of 4 hours. 

Qualifications and experience 
Trainer capacities and experiences: 

  • Proven qualifications and experience in the area of Human Resources management, dispute resolution, law or any other relevant areas;
  • Have excellent skills in producing succinct, clear training materials in French
  • Be well-organized with ability to adequately manage time and meet deadlines
  • Fluency in French and Creole
  • Good communicator
  • Good knowledge of the subject

Application Guidance

Language requirements 
Fluency in French and Creole 
Interested parties should submit their application no later than February 26th, 2018 to   


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